Craniosacral Therapy for Animals

A Somato-emotional approach for the animal and their human


Since 2018, we have been offering craniosacral therapy care for animals and humans. Whether for a rider and his horse or for an owner and his pet, it is for those wishing to advance through this therapeutic process.

This unique soft tissue approach to the being aims at balancing the organism physically, emotionally, and energetically, acting as a harmonization of the body and the mind.

The practice of cranial tissue osteopathy through the approach of craniosacral therapy, integrates a tissue based and emotional approach to the living being, allowing them to become the director of their own healing process.

This research aims to balance the animal and their owner as well as the connection they maintain on a physical, dynamic and emotional level.



  • Develop equine and animal craniosacral therapy

  • Provide Craniosacral Therapy Care for Humans and Animals

  • To propose a somato-emotional therapeutic approach specific to the rider / owner as well as his horse or animal

  • Advise the rider / owner for his follow-up by integrating multi-disciplinary resources

  • Work on the development of craniosacral therapy through exchange and scientific research


CV - Norbert Dupraz

Norbert Dupraz

Passionate about horses and animals since childhood, the priority of Norbert Dupraz has always been the development of a holistic practice based on listening and benevolence.

2018 - 2019
Training in Equine Osteopathy (Welter-Böhler)
St. Gallen, CH

2015 - 2017
Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy
Institut UPLEDGER, Locarno, CH

2011 - 2012
Diploma in classical and sports massage
HP Formation, Geneva, CH

2003 - 2008
Training in OSTEOPATHY (4 years)
Swiss School of Osteopathy - Belmont/Lausanne, CH

2002 - 2001
Faculty of Human Medicine (1st year)
Geneva, CH



Animain - Norbert Dupraz
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